Visit Gribskov Forest

Gribskov Forest is one of Denmark’s largest and most beautiful natural areas. The moraines form a gently undulating landscape, which ranges from wild, impassable thickets to broad, open meadows. In the southern part of Gribskov Forest, miles of par force hunting rides carve their way through forests, hills and marshes.

In Gribskov Forest, you can experience nature and history at close quarters. Take a leaflet about hiking routes with you when you tread the old hunting rides, or use one of the marked bike paths, which will guide you safely through the landscape. There are also opportunities to ride on horseback, sleep in primitive shelters and much more.


Ottevejskorset (in English The Ride Eight Cross) is a good place to start your visit, before you make your way into Gribskov Forest and the par force hunting landscape. Here, you will find information boards with maps, texts and leaflets, which can guide you on your way..

Arriving by car:

You can park next to Ottevejskorset (the Ride Eight Cross). See the map.

Arrival by train or bus:

Take the commuter train (in Danish, Lokalbanen) to Gribsø Station, or bus 307 to Skovskolen in Nødebo. Plan your journey here.


There are many options when it comes to places to stay in and around Gribskov Forest – from primitive shelters deep in the forest to cosy inns and exclusive hotels.

See a map of shelters and primitive accommodation at (in Danish).

If soft duvets and gourmet cuisine are more your style, then you can peruse the large array of accommodation and dining options on Visit North Sealands website.


Cycling is permitted on all paths and forest roads, but not on the forest floor or down slopes, stone walls or burial mounds.


From Ottevejskorset (the Ride Eight Cross), you can follow a marked hiking route where you will walk along many of the par force hunting rides.

Download the Danish Nature Agency’s hiking brochure (in Danish) here.

Horseback riding

Riding is permitted on marked trails and in the forest areas where there are tall trees. You can find a brochure detailing the riding trails in the southern part of Gribskov Forest and information about the rules for riding in the area on the Danish Nature Agency website (in Danish).


There are many interesting sights to see in Gribskov Forest. Read more on the Danish Nature Agency website (in Danish).